Robbie's Corn Field

Captive Bred Reptiles


Fiona x Nibbler

 14 eggs laid 6/8

Projected offspring - Hypos, Hypo Sunkissed, SupernovasGingers


Heat spike caused several eggs to go bad during incubation. One egg hatched 8/12, one on 8/13, and one on 8/14. They were a Hypo, Hypo Sunkissed, and Ginger, respectively. There is still one egg left that might hatch, so that one has not been cut. One of the eggs that went bad had a bicephalic Supernova in it. The patterns on these babies are absolutely fascinating, and look like nothing we've ever seen on most corn snakes. We'll definitely be repeating this breeding.

 Clover x Blossom

13 eggs laid 6/7 

Projected offspring - Normals, Motleys, Sunkissed, Caramels, Sunkissed MotleysHoney Motleys


Heat spike caused several eggs to go bad during incubation. The remaining eggs started hatching on 8/12 and finished on 8/16. The first to hatch was a normal with a slight tail kink. This was the only non-perfect baby in the clutch. There were a few other normals, a motley, a caramel motley, and the one that really surprised us was the amel. This means that both Clover and Blossom are het for amel (a previously unknown het to us)! All of the parent's hets proved out (one DIE sunkissed) this year, so we're hoping for a bigger clutch and more variation in the babies next year!

In the Incubator!

This shall also be known as the "Watch and Wait" list. Here, you can keep an eye on the eggs from each different pairing throughout the incubation process. The pictures will be updated every other day, or every three days if the egg box is humid enough. So that's the "Watch", but what about the "Wait"? If you absolutely positively CANNOT wait until something hatches, and you want to put it on hold, we'll put your name on the list for a baby or two or three when they hatch out and have consistently fed. Deposits may be required for certain morphs or certain species. If the goal animal is not produced that year, deposit can either be held over until next year, or returned.

2014 Breeding Plans

We're only expecting corn breedings this coming year, as our other animals are still too small. But keep an eye out in the near future for ptyas mucosus and some beautiful ball pythons!

The target morphs for each pairing will be bolded and colored. To see photos of the parents, click their colored name!

 Cornsnake Pairings

Fiona x Nibbler

Parent Genetics: Hypo het Sunkissed Ultra x Hypo het Sunkissed Ultra 

 Started breedings - 

Projected offspring - Hypos, Hypo Sunkissed, Supernovas, Gingers

Clover x Blossom

Parent Genetics: Normal het Amel, Caramel, Sunkissed, Motley 

Started breedings -  

Projected offspring - Normals, Amels, Motleys, Amel Motleys, Butters, Sunkissed, Caramels, Caramel Motleys, Sunkissed Amels, Sunkissed Motleys, Honey, Honey Motleys, Sunkissed Amel Motleys, Saffrons, Saffron Motleys, Butter Motleys

Mystery x Islasangre

Parent Genetics: Normal het Hypo, Anery, Charcoal, Amel, Diffused x Upper Keys Diffused 

Started breedings - 

Projected offspring - Normals, ???????????? This breeding is a test to find the hets of these animals. Mystery's hets are, well, a mystery, and Islasangre was purchased on impulse with no information about the her, other than her being a Upper Keys Blood. Any morphs that are hit are the target morph.

 Neo x Suri

Parent Genetics: Tessera x Lava Diffused het Stripe

Started breedings -

Projected offspring -  Normals and Tesseras 100% het Lava Diffused 66% poss het stripe. 

 Other Colubrid Pairings

Kronos x Regina

 Started breedings - 

Species - Ptyas mucosus 

 Cloud x Winter

Parent Genetics: Lavender x Lavender

Started breedings -  

Species - Elaphe obsoleta

Projected offspring - Lavender