Robbie's Corn Field

Captive Bred Reptiles

Terms and conditions

1) No animal will be sold to any minor without parental consent. Proof of age will be required (via ID) for all pick-up sales, or sales at expos. Any shipping will be done only after speaking with parent or verification of a legitimate, government issued ID.

2) Shipping will be done via FedEx. All shipping will be done at cost. Heat or cold packs will be added if required at no additional cost. No shipping will be done if the temperatures are scheduled to be over 95 degrees or under 32 degrees either here or at your home unless you specify the animal be left at the hub for pickup.

3) Health Guarantee- I guarantee that all animals sold are healthy and feeding. I offer a 7 day health guarantee. If the animal dies within the 7 day period, and it can be determined it was not from keeper error, I will issue a refund for the cost of the animal. If your animal escapes, this can be determined as keeper error, and your money will NOT be refunded. If you choose to have the animal delivered to your home, you MUST be present to receive the shipment, otherwise this guarantee is NULL AND VOID.

4) We are licensed by Florida FWC to keep, breed, and sell Conditional Species. We are very well versed in the laws regarding them, and WILL NOT risk losing our license by selling to someone illegally. If you're a Florida resident, your valid license must be presented to us before the time of sale. If you're out of state, you must know your local laws, as we will check up on them before selling to you. We will also ask you to present any permits required in your state before the sale is complete.

5) I accept PayPal, money orders, personal checks, and cash. For personal checks, I will wait for it to clear before shipping. This can take as long as 7 to 10 days.

6) You will be questioned about care of the animal you wish to purchase. If I feel that you are not ready for an animal, I will NOT sell to you. Care sheets are available on our website, or links to care sheets that we have found to be exceptionally well done. Please read them before contacting me to make sure you truly have what these animals require. 




If you have any questions about our terms, feel free to e-mail me at , or send me a message on the forum (username RobbiesCornField).


 Prices and terms subject to change without notice.

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